Corey Brossman has worked in the outdoor industry for over 20 years. His career started as a freelance videographer for some of the most premiere hunting companies in the world. Corey has gathered up so many memories on his camera that, have never been told. Itʼs time to let these memories out, and share lifelong laughs, tears and memorable hunts circled around his life with fans from around the globe.

 Two Shot Lawrence


Country Music artist Tracey Lawrence hunts the Tecomate Ranch in quest of a Big whitetail.  Corey explains that sometimes it takes more than 1 shot to make things happen. After the hunt Corey tries his hand at singing.

Pope and Young


Corey talks about his first Pope and young experience. A tale about the heart pounding moment we all dream of feeling as a huge buck heads your way.

Pop Pops Double


Corey and his Pop Pop had a strong bond. This story talks about the time they doubled up on hogs while sharing a hunt in North Carolina

Shed Wars


Corey talks about the Shed hunt of the century. Rick Cruter from Beyond the Hunt joins Corey in Ohio for whitetails but ends up on Shed wars instead.

 Missouri Monarch


A long lost story about the One Giant buck that gave Corey  Brossman the Buck Fever.  While Freelancing for Matt Morrett in Missouri a Giant buck steps into the field. After a few deep breaths, Corey gets his composer together and lays down some amazing footage.