Growing Up Outthere is about 2 kids who grew up in the world of outdoor TV. Their Father Corey Brossman has hosted Innerlocs Out-There TV for over 14 years, which is a nationally televised hunting show. Brody and sister Camryn Brossman grew up, learning how to hunt, trap bowfish and fish. Now they hold the key to the future as they go on adventures with their friends just like dad.

The Land Of OZ


Camryn heads to Kansas hunting with her dad. The land of Oz has so much to offer. After some small game hunting she hits the woods in hopes of finding a whitetail.

Down In Delaware


Camryn hits the Delaware woods for whitetail. After collecting plenty of acorns for the deer, she puts her eye on the prize.

Brodys first deer


Brody is hunting whitetails in Delaware. Will he fill his first deer tag while hunting with is dad.

 Dogs World


Hunting with dogs is fun. Camryn learns how important mans best friend is for hunting. From Dogs chasing bears to pointing out upland birds, Growing Up OutThere is all about the canines.

 Speedway Fun


Kentucky Speedway is passing down the tradition by hosting a youth hunt around the track. Who will finish first and tag out on a Kentucky whitetail

The Mighty Lease


Corey has an opportunity to hunt the new Kentucky lease. Camryns friends are

also putting their Innerloc broad heads to the test.

Bowfishing Delaware Stingrays


Camryn and Brody hit the water for their first night time bowfishing adventure in Delaware

Camiʼs First Bear


Camryn heads to New Hampshire with her Excalibur crossbow in hopes of shooting her first black bear. Things donʼt go as planned so the team goes to plan B.

Colins New Bow


The community gives back to a young man. A new bow is given to a young man for all he does for a small community. He bowfishes for the first time getting hooked on the sport