Here we will show a diversity of outdoor activities from tactics, gear, action as it takes place, to hot NU products hitting the market. Whether it's a Nu harvest, Nu relation or Nu experience, its NuBlood that keeps the heart pumping.




Last Day Of Virginia Rifle Season And These Fellas Grab The ELITES.

S1E2 - Lights Out


NBO Desides To Take Out A Speacial Guest, With Some Speacial Toys

S1E3 - Lunch Break


With Cold Water Temperatures In Virginia, Let's See If We Can Land Some Fish Utilizing Jer's Custom Lures Crank Baits And Some Soft Plastics From Ninja Bass Co

S1E4 - Youth Days


Youth Spring Gibbler Season Starts Off In VIRGINIA. We Have 2 Days And 2 Young Men, Let's See If We Can Make It Happen.

S1E5 - SURPRISE Guest On A turkey Hunt In VIRGINIA


A Last Second Decision to Take GRACIE out In The ALAMO ground blind. With The JAG CALLS Having these Birds Talking, should Be Some Hot Action