S1E1 - Spring is Here!!


Join the team as Spring Finally hit. Greg and Keith start getting food plots started, Amber and Pat Casey Tag out on the opening weekend of Michigan Turkey Season, and a throwback to last season for Rick on a big ole' Tom.

We are a group of 5 friends, who live to be outdoors. We don't all live in the same place. We all hunt differently.  We decided to start this show, because we want to resonate with the everyday outdoors man, we all have full time jobs, we don't get paid to go out and hunt. We spend any free time we have , outside of work, being with family , everyday life. We are here to show you if you put the work in , in the off season, that the days you have to hunt, fish, and trap you to can be successful. You wont always see the same person on the show, you may even see some of our friends, or family members. We are not doing this to be famous, or pretend we are the best hunters and fishermen out there. We are going to show you what can go wrong, that everyone misses, but most of all show you. " We are JUST everyday outdoors man. Hunting, Fishing and Trapping are our passions, not just a hobby. We hope you all enjoy our show.

S1E2 - Turkey Time


This week join Keith, Rick and Greg in PA as they are getting ready for the Spring Turkey Season to start. Greg even gets to join a few youth hunters, for mentored youth day. And find out all the info on Amber and Pat Casey's tag out for the Michigan Turkey opener. And the team takes you on another throw back turkey hunt from last year with good friends Daniel and Todd from Newton Ransom Outdoors.

S1E3 - Some are happy , some are frustrated


It doesn’t always go as planned! This week meet new team member Bethany Barlow, and watch her tag out in Kansas. Then check out the PA guys, get frustrated with the opening week of turkey. And we even included some friends in this Episode.

S1E4 - Just A Little Throwback for Memorial Day


Join the team this week, as they start to revisit some throwback hunts, and do a little grilling. Watch Rick make the perfect shot on a beautiful PA 8 point, catch Todd from Newton Ransom Outdoors feel the pressure of deer fever. The PA boys still haven't tagged out in PA for 2020 Turkey season, and grab a quick venison steak grilling recipe.

S1E5 - Catfish and Potstickers


In this weeks epsiode, you finally get to start meeting the team individually starting with Pat Casey out of Michigan. Pats also going to walk you through some basic bow set up, so you can get ready for achery season.  Also take ride with Bethany and some of her friends, as they Jug for some big ole' Kansas Catfish. And follow aling with Keith and Renae as they cook up some venison potstickers.

S1E6 - Almost like a Vacation!!


Join the team this week for a little fly fishing, see how Greg ended his turkey season, Get an indepth introduction to Bethany Barlow. And join Keith and Renae for some Japanese Teryaki Venison Meatballs.

S1E7 - Its Finally Summer


This week , meet RRC Team Member Keith Hayde. Following along on a bucket list hunt with Bethany Barlow for free Range Axis Deer in Texas. Enjoy some fishing in Michigan with Pat and Amber Casey. Then hop on the boat with Greg and Keith for some great Bowfishing Action. Now that summer is actually here stay tuned to the show, for some more fishing fun!!

S1E8 - Castles on the Water


This week, Rick takes us on a great fishing trip to the St. Lawrence River and the 1,000 Islands. This is our first episode based on just one of our outings. Rick did a great job filming , and fishing with some baits from our new partner On the Spot Baits. Todd from over at Newton Ransom Outdoors, tagged along, and played a great special guest host as well. We hope you enjoy this weeks episode