Redneck Rising TV is a group of "Northern Rednecks" comprised of friends and family.  Although we may be new to the outdoor filming industry our roots run pretty deep, when it comes to killing critters.  Join us as we continue to hunt NY, but then break away from our normal traditions to travel and hunt new game!


S1 E1: Rise of the Ginga Ninja


The Redneck Rising team heads to Northern Maine with Big Boom's Northern Maine Adventure's to hunt the second week of Maine's bear season.  It doesn’t take long for Colin Vogt to earn the nickname Ginga Ninja, from everyone in camp.

Season 2 Special Feature: Unstoppable


This episode was appropriately named Unstoppable for a young man that has always inspired his friends, family and community. Luke Schultz was born with Spina Bifida, but just try to tell him there's something he can't do!  Eagle Scout, Track Star, and now a buck killing machine!! There's no telling what's next for Luke.  I hope you find this episode inspirational, and we just know Luke's going to make you smile!!!

S1 E2: WTH


NYS bow season took its toll on Jodi Draper's nerves, in only her 5th year bowhunting.  She met some of the lows that many seasoned hunters still have a tough time dealing with.  E2 is just the beginning, as things really start to boil over in E3.

S1 E3: Mayhem


Just when Jodi Draper is about ready to throw in the towel, after her most disappointing and frustrating season in her 5 years of hunting.  All hell breaks loose on opening day of NY gun season!

S1 E4: Homegrown


Norm Zeh has a busy morning in a small food plot that he planted on the family farm he grew up on.  He puts together one of his most memorable hunts, while trying to self film it all.  Just as he thought he blew it on a nice buck, while moving the camera.  A bigger buck shows up to make things just a little more interesting!

S2 E1: Big Boom’s Part 1


Season 2 kicks off with the Redneck Rising / Big Boom's Northern Maine Adventures Bear Hunt Giveaway.  Richard Galyen of Oklahoma has a blast spending a week with members of the Redneck Rising Crew.  Big Boom doesn't disappoint, when Richard seems to be in the hot stand all week!

S2 E2: Big Boom’s Part 2


Big Boom's Part 2 has JT Bouchard and Chad Draper self filming their week of action at Big Boom's Northern Maine Adventures.  JT gets up close and personal with a nice bear.  Then Chad ends up making the most of his only opportunity,  in the last hour of his hunt!

S2 E3: Conne River - Crippled Old Lady


Norm and Chad head to the island of Newfoundland in hopes of tagging their first moose.  On day 2 of the hunt they encounter a big, black bear, and they just happen to have a bear tag, as well!

S1 E5: Redneck Rissa


Marissa Draper hits the deer woods just as the rut is getting into full swing.  Just when she thought she missed her chance at a good buck.  A cruising buck tries to slip by the back side of her stand.  Before she has much time to react he's broadside at 20 yds.

S1 E6: Premonition


Chad Draper gets a break from filming the girls to do a little hunting and self filming.  When given a chance to help manage the heard.  He does a little doe and coyote control.  Then his target buck finally shows up to set the stage for E7, where 2 great bucks hit the ground.

S1 E7: Frostbite


As the season is winding Chad Draper finally gets his shot at his target buck, in sub zero temperatures.  Then a new buck shows up late rifle season, 2 days before NY muzzleloader.  Chad makes a move closer to the bedding in hopes of putting this buck down on opening day!

S1 E8: De Javu


Derek Draper makes the most of a short break from college to get out and spend some time with his dad.  He harvests a nice doe on the first afternoon only to return to the exact same location the following day to take a great NY buck!

S1 E9: Persistence


Marissa Draper needed a little coaxing from her Dad, to get her back in the deer woods, for one last hunt, in NY rifle season.  After a long, frustrating season her persistence pays off.  She takes her biggest buck to date, in just her 5th year of hunting!

S2 E4: Conne River - Chaos in Newfie


The Newfoundland weather finally breaks for a full day, where Norm and Chad double up!  The day is filled with action, and things get a little crazy at the end of Day 6 in Newfie!!

S2 E5: Closing In


New Team member JT Bouchard jumpstarts our 2019 Whitetail Season, when he gets after a buck he calls the Wide 8.  JT brings a new dynamic to the team with his public land/tree saddle hunting strategies!

S2 E6: Wide 8


JT Bouchard wraps up a NY doe hunt in Episode 5, and now he's headed back to PA! In Episode 6 you'll see JT get after the buck he calls the Wide 8!

S2 E7: There's a bear


Things keep on rolling for JT Bouchard, as he heads back to his home state of NY.  He gets himself set up nicely, where bucks and bears love to cruise a pinch point between cornfields!  Things escalate very quickly, as he's closing out a mid morning interview!

S2 E8: Ground Game


Marissa Draper breaks away from the treestands and the blinds to close in on a good buck.  She gets her "Ground Game" on when she spends a couple mornings trying to cut this buck off from his bedding area.