Episode 1


Tyler & Dewayne get on the board early in Mississippi Deer Season with two great bucks.

Our team is composed of guys all from Southern States. We were all introduced to a passion for the outdoors at a young age, and we all share a belief and relationship with Jesus Christ.


In early 2016, Tyler and Chase founded Southern Attraction Outdoors after working for other outdoor TV shows. They both agreed that they wanted to create something that stayed true to the passion that was engraved in them while growing up. "Filming the hunt makes a shareable memory of a lifetime to give to others who also have a passion for the outdoors, whether it is just for fun or even a career."



Episode 2


Rowan Atkinson takes along the journey of his first kills. A miss and several kills. Watch him grow right before your eyes.

Episode 3


Southern Attraction Outdoors and team go Alligator hunting deep in the swamps of the MS Delta